We are very excited for you to be a part of Nestwell Property Management and thank you for choosing us. We have helped our clients become successful in owning and managing their rental homes and we hope the same for you! Before that can happen, we need your help with a few things by filling out this form. It will take a little work initially, but once setup things will be much easier for you.

This form will give Nestwell the necessary information to better understand your needs.  The good thing is this will take the guess work out of what we do for you and we have a better understanding of your needs.  We are committed to your happiness.

We recommend you scroll through to ensure you have everything before proceeding. Set aside 20+ minutes to fill out this form and be prepared to provide all the required info.

We are glad to assist at any time feel free to call your agent.

This site is SSL secured and all submitted data is encrypted for your protection.

Form and Sign-up Checklist

Below is a list of items that are required on this form (in addition to others, please click next to view the full form). There are also additional items you will provide throughout the sign-up process, so please prepare the appropriate documents and information before proceeding. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BEGIN MANAGEMENT UNTIL THE FULL LIST OF ITEMS HAVE BEEN PROVIDED TO NESTWELL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.


Items completed through this form:

1) Completed online Owner and Property Information "OPI" (you will fill this out by clicking next)
a) This form will ask you to provide owner information (for all owners), business/trust information (if owned by business/trust), building and unit information and amenities, advertising guidelines, utility company information, maintenance information, tenant information (if occupied), and other supporting information.

2) Proof of property liability and hazard insurance (submitted through this online form),

3) If tenant occupied, upload all lease forms, rental applications, and a copy of the current tenant ledger.

Items completed outside of this form:

4) Completed and signed management agreement and W-9. These forms will be sent to you through Docusign to be signed electronically.

5) If tenant occupied, transfer all held security deposits and liabilities (last month's rent, pet deposits, utility deposits, etc.) to our office.  If you would rather hold the deposits, then you will be responsible for the disposition of the deposit when the tenant vacates.

6) Provide at least 2 sets of keys to the property.

7) Provide all garage door remotes (at least 1 per garage stall. E.g a 2-car garage, we will need 2 remotes).

8) Set-up Landlord Agreements with corresponding utility companies (this is very important to avoid issues with utilities and potential damage caused by service disconnection).

9) Property Insurance changed to include any available riders for rental property (often times there is a discount if it is managed by our company). Add as additionally insured "Nestwell Property Management"


Things You Should Know

Since we truly want our working relationship to be successful, below are a list of items you should know. These expectations and guidelines are also described in our Property Owner Manual on our resource site. CLICK HERE

  • We have years of experience managing rental properties for clients and have continued to refine our processes. Our services are best suited to property owners that are wanting to step back from the day to day of managing properties. Through the management agreement you authorize us to act and make decisions on your behalf.
  • Because of this, many of the notifications and ways you are informed are automated and sent via email ( Click Here for list of auto notifications). However, you should expect to have involvement in the following situations:
    • Pricing of your rental.
    • We will want and need your involvement in maintenance and repair items exceeding the maximum listed in the agreement.
    • We will need to know if you plan not to renew any leases or list a unit for rent if a tenant moves out (e.g. you decide to sell through one of our agents).
    • We will need your involvement if there is ever a potential eviction situation (although very rare, we have a less than 1% eviction rate)
  • You should be aware of some expected on-going maintenance costs:
    • Rekey: To reduce your liability and increase tenant safety, we control the cuts to the keys and each new set of tenants will receive a fresh set of keys. The first time we rekey a unit, we will install new Smartlocks. Although this initial rekey is an investment, each rekey thereafter is very reasonable and you will save money. Click Here for rekey costs.
    • Wear & Tear: There are often some minor items that need to be completed between tenants that may not be charged to a tenant. There are also minor items we will see that need to be completed during a time of vacancy in preparation for a new tenant such as light bulbs, smoke detector batteries, minor cleaning. For more on Wear & Tear Click Here .
    • Service Requests: We do our absolute best to keep your financial interests in mind and will approve necessary work orders as they come in. You are notified via email when a new service request is submitted by the tenant or by our team. You are welcome to reply or call with any questions.
    • Other: We will maintain sprinkler systems and any other preventative maintenance you enroll in through this form.